Lip and chin wax strip burn

lip and chin wax strip burn
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Threading VS. Waxing the UPPERLIP

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DESCRIPTION: As a hair geek but owner of a beauty salon I can only go on what my therapists tell me is right and what i read on here from which i have learnt LOADS! I used the aloe juice and pulp. Original post by Tpos Yh as starfab said I used cold wax. Some aloes stain purple - if the skin isn't broken you'd probably be okay with fresh aloe, but if the skin is raw I'd use an aloe lip and chin wax strip burn. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts..

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Chin waxwhat went wrong?! | SalonGeek

Hopefully it'll be completely normal in a few days time. The other members of the family may have too much to say here so, as I said, go through your insurers, that is what they are there for my darling. The last I waxed my brows there was a little burn but I didn't think anything of it. Follow 9 Follow 3

Chin wax...what went wrong?!.

lip and chin wax strip burn
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Especially if there are more stubborn hairs on that area..

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  • Feb 11, - Waxing is a technique of removing unwanted hair from the upper lip, eyebrows, legs and the bikini line. Several treatments can relieve wax hair removal burns. Apply percent pure aloe vera gel to the burn.
  • Oct 15, - The numerous factors include the wax being too hot, the strip wasn't pulled Personally, I remove tiny hairs on my mouth and chin area with a personal Hydrocort or Soframycin good for treating burns.
  • I just went to get my upper lip and sideburns waxed and it left me really dark brown Hi, got serious black.

I find that fresh aloe works wonderfully on my burns and lessens my scars and scaring. Post in Skincare Aware. I did this and apologised profusely as I could see that she had a reaction and suffered discomfort she said she hadn't slept since, was in discomfort and was embarrassedi also said that i felt my therapist had done everything she could to make sure the wax was ok, done everything correctly and it was unfortunate lip and chin wax strip burn she had a reaction. Sign in to see items you may have vurn previously. You might be okay trying the argan oil guys dating out of their league a few days, but I would avoid anything else. I waxed my upper lip and my god it was so red for the first 2 days. Check out the All Forums page.

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