Smith and wesson 686 serial number hookup

smith and wesson 686 serial number hookup
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Slicking Up The Smith & Wesson Revolver - Part 1

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DESCRIPTION: And That's dust on the right one. If you make a digital picture be sure to send a hard copy, as a link to a. They show no wear at all..

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Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association Discussion Forum

Check out this recall notice. Some revolvers also have the serial number located on the inside of the frame, in the yoke area. Results 1 to 10 of Fix ya' right up. Excuse me, where are my manners?

Question re: S&w 686.

smith and wesson 686 serial number hookup
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On newer revolvers it is stamped on the frame behind the yoke the yoke it the part that holds the cylinder when you swing it out to the left , and you have to swing out the cylinder to see the number. Help with date and value please?.

  • I am very thankful for Gents like you on this forum for taking the time to help out..
  • What is the year of manufacture of my Smith & Wesson 686 serial number AYJ3178 ?
  • Question re: S&w 686
  • The Firing Line Forums

Thanks again to all of you for the comments and tips..

  • Apr 2, - The no dash you reference, by the advanced serial # (AJV) would indicate indicting it was returned to S&W for the recall modification ('s & 's affected in recall). . smith and wesson serial number lookup date of manufacturer.
  • Original wood grips have never even been used! (I'll be fitting Hogues) Beautiful piece. Solid chunk of steel! Anyway, new members looking for date of manufacture info.
  • Sep 17, - I just bought a used S&W stainless steel 4" bbl, serial # AJSXXXX and was wondering if anyone with access to The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson would be able to help me out with the date of manufacture. Mr. S&W Fine revolver, enjoy. As to finding DOM-Date of Missing: hookup.

Find all posts by qballwill. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. She's a lot prettier than my P! All times are GMT Visit kaaskop49 photo album. Sure, a Model can function in a fairly filthy condition and do it indefinitely but there's no use in subjecting parts to unnecessary wear and dirt, gum, and grime will take its toll. Now it's a very shiny revolver!

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