Why couldn t romeo and juliet be together

why couldn t romeo and juliet be together
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DESCRIPTION: Kiyomi May 30, If the parents of the couple don't agree with each other, it's not really their problem, it's the couples own decision. Juliet's parents wanted her to marry Paris..

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Romeo and Juliet / Headscratchers - TV Tropes

Shakespeare didn't have time to go through the whole 'courtship process' in the couple hours that the stage was his to use. Related Questions How does fate bring Romeo and Juliet together? As is typical for Shakespeare, the basic plot of Romeo and Juliet was cribbed from another source, in this case an English translation of a tale by Matteo Bandello, who came from the area around Milan. So, yeah, I think that getting married a couple of days after you've met is rather stupid——especially considering the fact that Romeo was hung over that other girl can't remember her name——Rosaline, I think? She tells Romeo that Juliet is upset.

Why couldn't Romeo and Juliet be together?.

why couldn t romeo and juliet be together
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Then Prince Escalus finds out and banishes Romeo from Verona..

  • Then the Montague family and Capulet family are called to the scene. The ruler of Verona..
  • Why couldnt romeo and juliet be together?
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He says a lot of romantic lines to her. Life was a lot more of a gamble back then..

  • Apr 3, - Why Romeo and Juliet couldn't have married anyway. Back in August, I made a post jumping off from a minor error in Bill Bryson's At Home.
  • Dec 6, - Well, technically they are, just not in the living world:D Society pressed them not to be together, and they struggled and ultimately lost that.
  • Aug 16, - This is where Romeo and Juliet fell in love. It wasn't uncommon for girls to be married at 14 since the overall life expectancy wasn't that high.

Sure doesn't to me. The police and Prince Escalus show up. What horrible fate would have befallen her for giving a reason she didn't want Paris to "make [her] a joyful bride"? Then they all see a lady and start making fun of her. Romeo decides he will go to Verona and kill himself.

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