Pure and Organic CBD & and Hemp Products

Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Cbd stands for weed control

Review CBD Genesis



  • Review CBD Genesis
  • CBD Genesis E-Liquid
  • Not All CBD Oil Companies are Created Equal
  • This list of CBD companies is the most comprehensive CBD brand list online. If you are wondering which brand to buy or products to trust start here. CBD Genesis offers a fast and efficient way to take CBD with this full-spectrum CBD e-liquid. This product ( based on customer reviews). $ – $. CBD GENESIS offers the best CBD products from top brands in the industry. They also make our own CBD e-liquid for their CBD Genesis and.

    Review CBD Genesis

    Manages my anxiety and back aches better than rx poison ever did. Randy — May 26, The only thing is I wish it was clear instead of the milky color, but it still gets a 5 star from me. Ashley — May 24, Good quality and a good price.

    I use this sublingual-ly and also n my vape. You wanna make sure your vape is strong enough for a higher wattage because this stuff is thick. The taste is natural. It definitively made me more relaxed and helped with my back pain. Sabrina — May 23, Teresa — May 22, I puff on it while at work. Normally start my day with 10 or so drops in the mouth and make sure to coat my lips as well good absorption leave it there as long as i can before washing it down.

    I have tried many many different bottles locally. I believe this genesis to be the best product i have found. Cancer Patient — May 19, Good Job Genesis Thanks. Allison — May 18, Lydia — May 17, Tiffany — May 16, Raymond — May 12, Great quality CBD vape juice. Nice natural taste to the vape. Patricia — May 11, Randall — May 8, Billy — May 8, David — May 5, DeAnna — May 4, Ryan — May 4, I love this stuff, thank you for the prompt service and the freebie!

    Definitely coming back again. Cameron — May 3, Nathan — May 2, I can tell it helped my anxiety. I like vaping it, but if I need it to work quick I use the drops under my tongue.

    Would need higher strength if I used it for pain, since I have RA. Nathan — April 29, Best price I found. Flavor is not bad. Definitely didnt absorb in my tfv8 tank and burnt the coils but worked well in an rda. Adam — April 28, Got the mg Cbd and have to say I love it. I put about drops in my vape and that lasts a few days. Still have more than 80 percent left! Debra — April 27, I love this cbd juice. Oh my is that a wonderful combo.

    The CBD is really helpful with my anxiety. I will purchase this again. Adi — April 27, Salvatore J — April 25, Karen — April 23, Tiarra — April 21, Excellent choice I made going with this! Calms me right down when I need it. Caleb — April 21, I purchased the mg to use for vaping. Unfortunately, its so thick I can hardly use the dropper to suck it out of the bottle. Its so thick that it would likely turn solid if the temperature was below 60f.

    Because of the thick viscosity it tends to cling to the outside of the dropper stem. When the dropper stem touches the mouth of the bottle it gets caught on the edge and drips down the outside of the bottle. The product works well but I will likely buy a lower concentration when this runs out and simply ingest double the quantity.

    Also, vaping the mg is impossible without first diluting. It would have been nice if they had warned of this. Left behind a residue in my filter and would eventually start burning causing a very unpleasant taste, coughing, and a burning feeling in the back of my throat. Very mild flavor so it will mix with anything — and it really works! It has helped me with knee pain and general stress — helps me sleep deep. Scott — April 17, I will continue to use until I grow tired of the offered maximum.

    Kerry — April 16, Gotta get me some more!! Ariel — April 16, James — April 15, Phil — April 14, This is the first time I have ordered the mg, I have only tried the mg up to now. There is one hell of a difference in the intensity of both the color and the flavor. I use this both for vaping and sublingual usage. If you look at the price per mg. I have tried a few different brands of CBD juices as vape additives. It tastes great like plant material for sublingual dosing, and it adds a whole new dimension when added to my vape juice.

    The only thing that you will feel from this is a relief from the aliments that plague your life. How could you ask for more? Randall — April 14, Alexa — April 13, Michael — April 12, Robert — April 11, Charlene — April 11, Josiah — April 10, Megan — April 10, This was my first time purchasing CBD and I wanted something with no added flavor that was as close to pure as I could get without going the wax route.

    It smells and tastes very earthy, like a bag of stems and seeds, but it is easily covered with a little flavored ejuice. I got the mg because I had been smoking marijuana for years, and figured I already had a high enough tolerance to handle that high a dosage. It has been working really well for me. I vape it all day, even at work and it gives we the relaxing calming effect that I am used to without the high that came with smoking cannabis.

    The bottle has actually lasted a lot longer than I excepted as well. My friend and I have been sharing the same bottle for about 2 and a half months and it is only about half way gone. I will surely be purchasing this again. Daniel — April 6, This product is best around.

    Definitly worth getting the mg cbd. Works wonderfully, and last a while. Dose does not need to be much. A few puffs thru e cig, and you good to go. Thank you for the revolutionary product. Brian — April 5, I was excited to try this stuff because I saw a lot of reviews stating incredible results.

    This stuff is super gooey too so it can get pretty messy trying to add this stuff to a tank. Company as a whole, I love. They are very quick to process your order and get it out to you on the double. James — April 4, This is a good product it has helped with my back and shoulder pain. The only draw back is I have to use a lot so I will get the mg next time.

    Calvin — April 3, My wife and myself use it for various ailments: We use it for my son and his ADHD. I have a friend that has been using CBD Genesis, that was recently cleared of her lung cancer. This CBD product is suspect to have cleared her cancer and will be verified by medical staff in April of Awesome stuff and I recommend it to everyone. Alanna C — March 30, I love this liquid. If I need faster relief for my anxiety, I know I can take a few drops orally, which is great.

    Works very well in our vape as well. And this was shipped super fast and got to me in just a couple days-even better! I also love how this company regularly tests their products and you can actually view those lab results.

    Makes for a very confident purchase. Will be buying this one again once we go through our current bottle! Regina — March 29, This is my go-to vape. Gito — March 28, I love your delivery time super fast, your packaging is also nice, no leakage and no damage i love that, keep doing what you do.

    Now the product itself… flavour taste like a very potent herb so i am a little bit iffy about purchasing that same 1 perhaps i will try a flavored 1 next time. Not too sure it worked on me considering i got me a mg hit i did not feel any effect, i still have my shoulder pain after work office job and still find it hard to sleep even after vaping it and putting 3 drps under my tounge.

    I do understand effect may vary but that is pretty much my honest opinion i am writing so i do hope other shopper does not get discouraged buying 1 from a great merchant. This product is great! I do mix it with a flavoured e liquid and it works well. I purchased the mg dose and it definitely lives up to my expectations.

    I use it daily and it does relieve stress and anxiety, i will continue to buy products from this company! Overall great product, good price and great customer service. Chris — March 27, Ben — March 26, I bought this for my wife and she says it has helped a lot. Jeremy — March 26, It honestly did not help my joint pain or anxiety with mg so i might need a higher dosage but it did ship fast got it in 3days and packaging was great.

    Swami — March 25, The bottle lasts for awhile. It mixes pretty well with my vape juices. Barbara — March 24, Monique — March 23, Kiersten — March 23, Donna — March 23, Daniel — March 21, It is the best I javr ever used. You cannot go wrong, and will not be dissappointed. By now and feel the difference for sure. Julie — March 21, I will be ordering more when I start to get low.

    Brandon — March 20, Did not get any benefits from vaping. Pete — March 18, It tastes good but the juice is much too thick and cloudy for a vaporizer. Genesis — March 18, Try mixing it with a regular e-liquid to thin it. We suggest starting with 1 drop of CBD for every ml of e-liquid added to your tank. Rebecca — March 16, Hugh — March 16, Brooke — March 14, Jyle hansen — March 13, This stuff is amazing.

    Although very viscous and a bit off putting in taste imo it sort of grows on you. So the taste is very earthern and herby with a distinct mint flavour. If vaping i recommend to dilute as it can ruin pre made coils because of how thick it is do some research first, only some coils can be used for this stuff as its oily. The effects were very soothing and helped me out with my insomnia and anxiety.

    This is a great example of the great work thats put into the juice. This blends in good with Lemon Tea e-juice, an enjoyable final flavor. CBD makes vaping more satisfying, with a tickling sensation in my throat.

    Tiffiny — March 13, The order came fast but I ordered the lowest dose so it only works for a little while then I have to use again next time around I will go higher. Tyler — March 13, Wish I would have known about this years ago!! John — March 12, Michael mckain — March 12, Dean — March 12, Joseph — March 12, Nick — March 9, Carlynn — March 7, I started out with the mg bottle around 6 months ago.

    Unfortunately, the bottle leaked and I lost about half of it. But what I had left, really helped with my anxiety. This time when I ordered, I got the mg version. I noticed a huge difference in the effect. I love the relaxed feeling that I get. I fill my tank with ejuice and add drops of this CBD. And it seems the higher mg you get, the stronger the flavor. I love using this to help with my anxiety, especially in social situations.

    I also have frequent migraines. But it does help me relax which helps me relieve the migraine. I love this stuff. Tory — March 5, I love this product, it helps so much with my anxiety and has helped me cut back on smoking herb. I went up a mg this time from the mg I usually use to the mg because I felt like my tolerance was building up. Alexander — March 5, CBD E-Liquid works great in my vape and under the tongue. Helps me stay calm, reduces my anxiety. I think I may need a larger dosage but this was my first time using CBD.

    Using mg at the time. Suffering with fibromyalgia anxiety, and depression this product really works. I found my ideal level is mg and boy what a difference it makes for me. I am actually having more good days even with the weather changes. Anyone who has any of the same conditions as myself I strongly recommend this product.

    I have been on CBD for over a year and this Genesis line is the only one I have found that gives great results. Abilio — February 28, My boyfriend has a bum leg and broken collar bone, it has been killing him for years.

    Pain is managed for a whole 24 hours. He uses the mg once a day before bed. Ruby — February 28, James Adams — February 28, The company is great. Fast shipping and good selection of products. I bought the mg and to me taste like a Dead Skunk dipped in turpentine and gasoline. Bob — February 28, Have been plagued with a very bad shoulder, short of surgery CBD has given me the relief necessary to sleep and deal with minimal pain during normal daily us.

    Thank you CBD mg. David — February 28, Andi — February 28, The company itself, is amazing. They came thru with prompt delivery. I read reviews after I purchased the CBD genesis, and unfortunately follow suit. I read to go in with a clear idea of what you want from the product and I wanted it for anxiety and mental clarity….

    Mike — February 28, All benefits of CBD in your vape. Get some today or tomorrow its up to you. Jeff — February 27, It was great other than the tendency to unknown need for a lower temp setting and slow absorbsion rate. But all in all very good product. I had some doubts right after I ordered this product after seeing some bad reviews online. So after only three days the vape juice has arrived and it is amazing!!!! I absolutely love it the taste is what I was hoping for and the effects i cant stress enough how good it is.

    I have a torn acl which leads to alot of pain and inflammation and cbd seems to be the only thing that truly helps, I can train for hours again without the pain making Me stop or half ass way through. I will definetly be ordering again. You cannot go wrong with this product. Tim — February 17, Yet it has provided the affects I was looking for.

    Donald — February 16, Rocksanne — February 15, My reason for trying CBD liquid is because I have serious pains. After using this am Still having pains. Cade — February 15, Its some good stuff. I will definitely be buying more of this. I use it in my vape as well, it seems to blend very well.

    John — February 13, I think I might have put too much in at first. It tasted very heavily of pot. I will be fair and judge it again after having dosed my regular vape juice with only a few drops. Crystal — February 13, Tim — February 12, Timothy — February 12, Jacob — February 12, The oil did help a bit with pain that I have and it just taste weird, it taste to herbal. By herbal I mean it taste like other herbs, as if I was tasting a tea bag. I was expecting it to taste simply like hemp or cannabis.

    Alejandro — February 11, I quickly used a syringe and collected all the cbd oil i could and put it in a separate gorilla bottle that i had, and didnt want to wait to use it.

    I ended up mixing some with some strawberry ejucie w 6mg on nic and you get a really relaxed feeling. Dont expect all your pains to be eliminated but i feel it had some effect on my sore hip and right knee from this past softball season playing in the outfield on uneven ground. I really will try to get the strongest dose i can to compare next time i purchase this, just like anything else, you can really know unless you try.

    The glass bottle feels really thick and sturdy so im not sure what kind of impact it went through while being shipped here but luckily the bottle broke in 3 large pieces so i could easily take out the dropper and the glass. Brion — February 10, Thomas — February 10, I was surprised by how organic it taste. It was my first purchase and I will buy more. It is very relaxing. Cody — February 9, Christina — February 7, This brand of CBD oil is excellent!

    I have tried many different brands and found this to be the very best. The company is also great. They offer free shipping and though I live many states away, my product arrives within 4 days.

    Zachary — February 7, Aimee — February 6, I bought this for my mom who has a degenerative spine disease. This product has helped her pain tremendously! A great product for a great price, and it arrived very quickly without having to pay through the nose for shipping! Evin — February 6, Donna — February 5, Shipment was quick, Started with mg now going to , great to vape, and happy with results when used properly.

    Got mine in today in mg. Thank you shipped in three days. Started with mg. Did nothing for my pain, insomnia or anxiety. But I am taking an extremely large dose of pain meds that may block it for me. I know cannabis with small amounts of thc work wonders without getting very high. Michael — February 1, Katelin — January 31, Jacob — January 30, I love this stuff!

    Bruce — January 29, Getting a text message at 2am on a Monday morning reminding me to leave a review is not. Hannah — January 28, It does add to my own vape juice pretty well. But it is really thick. I also have to take like 10 draws before I feel anything.

    Brendon — January 27, Caressa — January 26, Absolutely love this stuff! Ivan — January 26, Tastes horrible if you tincture. Smokes great and makes you hella relaxed. Love the smell, smells like hemp. Merry — January 25, I love the taste, nice to vape by itself. It helps a little bit with pain and anxiety, but I only bought the mg because the mg is out of my budget. Charlene — January 25, Laureen — January 24, Robert — January 24, Tanner — January 24, Anonymous — January 23, The flavor is fantastic, though it is very harsh for me to vape 2kmg.

    I use it to manage adhd, chronic pain, dysthymia and anxiety and nothing has been more effective. It puts me in a relaxed state, relieves most of my pain, slows me down enough to organize my thoughts and focus on a single task, and curbs my depression almost completely. Cbd is currently the only thing that I can count on to keep me from having an episode. While it is a fantastic alternative medication for me, not everyone will experience the same effects.

    It works great for some, for others it may not work as well. Jack — January 23, Patsy — January 21, Love it the taste is great an smooth not much on relieving pain but helps to relax. Really would like to find something g that works a bit for pain I have had three back surgeries. Tory — January 20, But this product overall has helped my anxiety so much!

    Randall — January 20, I purchased the mg. The only con I have it gunks up the tank, so I have to clean it more than I would like too. As for customer service, I have had only one issue. The only migraine episodes I have experienced in my three months of use have been when I was sick with a respiratory infection and unable to vape. My neurologist has even been able to reduce the dose of one of my medications! Thanks for changing my life!!!

    Amanda — November 16, Troy — November 15, Has a little different flavor but other than that works very well. Sarah — November 11, Conrad — November 9, Jamie — November 2, Jeremy — October 29, Dorothy — October 28, Bryanna — October 23, Carly — October 23, Edgardo — October 21, I am sharing the mg juice with a friend.

    After a few days of vaping it we have already noticed improvement in our sleep uninterrupted and longer. We are already considering placing another order. We definitely recommend it for deep and restful sleep. Brittany — October 20, Orlando Cruz — September 18, Lotty56 — September 12, Jolan — September 12, Maria — August 17, The product is excellent and definitely delivers everything it promised….

    My only suggestion is that the description of the product is more detailed in the ingredients and the effects it will have on the body.

    Thanks so much for this amazing juice! Keith — July 31, All in all, a nice product! Sonia — July 16, Shannon — July 15, This is a wonderful product and it does what it says. It helps my anxiety immensely and helps me sleep when I need it. I would recommend this product to everyone. Karl — July 12, Thank you CBD Genesis Vape, for doing what you said and delivering a great product to my house in the timely manner!

    You guys are for real, and I appreciate your product and look forward to doing business with you all again! Martin Stevens — July 10, Little harsh on the vape. I really wanted to try it, and now I have.

    Black — June 26, After three weeks I finally know the right combination of CBD to my flavored E-liquid and how many puffs to take.

    I am going through the bottle quite fast because I vape every waking hour. I will be ordering 2 bottles of the mg next because I think that will work better for me, but I must say this product has made a tremendous difference in my life.

    Thank you so much thcvapejuice. Thomas — April 15, Great product, helps relax my mind and body, was skeptical about weather or not it would work at a mg, but it works great. Bob — April 1, I have arthritis in all my joints and also have chronic stomach issues ,due to my stomach problems I am unable to take most medications that would relieve my pain. For the first time in 20 years I have been feeling well thanks to this remarkable product. I have used it in my vape and taken it sublingually.

    It has a refreshing taste when dropped under the tongue and has not changed the flavor of the eliquid when I vape it. I am so thankful to be able to feel better and it also seems to be helping my wife, she has anxiety occuring worst in the car and she is much more relaxed which is saying a lot for cbd oil. She has tried numerous medications for anxiety and none work as well as this product. I am awaiting my second purchase now and have stepped up to the mg hoping that it will be even more helpful for both of us.

    Everyone should try this no matter what state of health you are in as it will help in every aspect of life. Your email address will not be published. FREE shipping is back! Rated 4 out of 5. Hemplucid uses full spectrum, pure CBD oil, and vegetable glycerin in the creation of its vape oil. It contains no propylene glycol, which is great for customers with intolerances to this substance.

    This does cause it to be thicker than most. Third party lab testing results are available online, and Hemplucid uses the CO2 extraction method for all of their CBD products. This tincture has a rich cannabis flavor with no additives. CBD Drip creates vape oil that can be used alone or mixed with other flavors. It can also be taken as a tincture. It is made from full-spectrum cannabidiol extracted using the CO2 method and sourced from EU grown and certified Hemp. It is non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide free, and has been third-party lab tested with results readily available on the website.

    They have several vape oils, but one of their more popular items is Platinum Single. This Vape Oil is not an isolate, but a pure extract and it contains all of the essential terpenes, compounds, lipids and more which are important for experiencing the entourage effect. It is all natural and contains no flavoring. CBD Genesis boasts some of the highest positive customer reviews in the industry.

    Their full-spectrum CBD e-liquid contains no propylene glycol and is ideal for both vaping and ingesting. Their lab testing results are readily available on their website, and this oil is unflavored, allowing the customer to add their flavor of choice. They offer the product in several strengths. CBD Genesis recommends that beginners start with small amounts around one to three drops and work up in potency until they find a dosage that is comfortable.

    This is also an excellent choice for sublingual use should you find that vaping is not for you. While vaping can provide quick relief and is a convenient way to dose with CBD, the process of getting starting with it can be a little overwhelming.

    If you are inexperienced with vaping, you may have visited your local head shop and gotten information overload. There are hundreds of products available, not just in the form of CBD, but in the many devices that can be used to vape it. Like all CBD products, some are better than others, and some basic knowledge is essential to ensure you are getting the highest quality vaping liquid and devices available.

    While many people vape tobacco and marijuana, this guide refers to vaping with CBD oil. Surprisingly, while most people have heard of vaping, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the practice. In this case, that substance is CBD oil, tincture, e-liquids or crystals. The active compounds in these forms of CBD are heated, not burned as they would be in a cigarette or joint. The heat produces steam, and the vapor is inhaled. You may have noticed that at the end of each listing in this review we briefly explained the best way to consume each product.

    We are going to attempt to break this down for you in the simplest possible terms to help you decide which direction to go when shopping for CBD to vape. There are several different devices you can use to vape with, but they all share the same four components:. While there are large, tabletop devices you can purchase for vaping at home, we are primarily going to discuss portable vaping. The two types of devices most common for portable use are pen-style vapes and tank-style vapes.

    Pen style vapes come in different styles and sizes and are small and discreet enough to fit into a purse or pocket. They can be disposable or reusable.

    A CBD oil or isolate of your choice is placed directly on the metal coils in the bottom of the pen, or in the case of a disposable model, it typically comes pre-filled so there is no need to measure or fill it.

    The only drawback to this style is that the coils can wear out due to oxidization so you should focus on getting the highest quality pen you can afford. Tank style vapes can also be disposable or reusable. The compound you want to vape is placed on the coils just as with the pen style, but in this case, the coil is covered with a wick.

    CBD Genesis E-Liquid

    The CBD Genesis e-liquid is the brand's most concentrated and best-selling CBD vape oil. In this review article, we put it to test and decide. ( based on 71 customer reviews). $ CBD Genesis contains no PG, therefor it can be vaped by itself, added to any E-liquid, or even taken sublingual. CBD Genesis Tincture (mgmg). Rated out ( based on 9 customer reviews) CBD Genesis helps with relaxation, anxiety, stress, sleep ect.

    Not All CBD Oil Companies are Created Equal



    The CBD Genesis e-liquid is the brand's most concentrated and best-selling CBD vape oil. In this review article, we put it to test and decide.


    ( based on 71 customer reviews). $ CBD Genesis contains no PG, therefor it can be vaped by itself, added to any E-liquid, or even taken sublingual.

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